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Preschool and Kingergarten in Chilliwack - Main 2
Cultural Language, Families in Motion, YMCA Swim Lessons, Speech and Language Development with Certified Speech Pathologist, Music with Merilee with  a Certified Music Therapist, Read to Me Program

Our FOUR year programs are:

9:00 Puzzle Time or Free Play  12:15 Puzzle Time or Free Play
9:20 Clean up for Halq' emeylem Circle   12:30 Halq' emeylem
9:30 Halq' emeylem  12:50 Wash Routine for SNACK
9:50 Wash Routine for SNACK  1:00 Snack Time
10:00  Snack Time  1:20 Free Play
10:20 Art or Story Time  1:50 Art or Story Time
10:40 Outside Play or Gym Activities  2:10 Outside Play or Gym Activities
11:00 Busses arrive for Dismissal  2:30 Busses arrive for Dismissal

Our THREE year program:


9:00 Free Play  9:00 Free Play
9:30 Wash Routine for SNACK  9:30 Wash Routine for SNACK
9:40 Snack Time  9:40 Snack Time
10:00 Story Time 10:00 Circle Time
10:10 Families in Motion Community Visit  10:30 Art Activities
Circle Time
10:30 Outside Play or Gym Activities 10:50 Wash routine from Art
11:00 Families in Motion Visit Ends  11:00 Puzzle Time or Book Time
Puzzle Time or Book Time
11:15 Dismissal  11:15 Dismissal


Special Student Programs at our school:

  • Speech and Language Pathologist come to the school twice a week to work with Kindergarten and the students in the 4 yr old program.
  • Cultural Advisors come and tell stories and Drum with all of our students every other week.
  • Coqualeetza Cultural Education Center has a language circle each day in each class teaching the First Nation Halq’emeylem Language.
  • Cohi (Children Oral Health Initiative) available to all students